Day 57

It’s been a rough couple of weeks as far as the scale goes. Until yesterday, I’d only lost two more pounds over those two weeks, which was really starting to frustrate me. Certainly, a pound a week isn’t anything to be upset about in the grand scheme of things. That’s fifty two pounds a year. But, seeing as how there’s not a year between now and this summer, I was beginning to get a little annoyed.

However, between yesterday and today, another pound and a half has disappeared, which hopefully means I am back on track. Three days from Day 60, and while I had hoped to be able to put a 24 in the loss column for 60 days, 22 or 23 will be just fine, too.

Ignoring the weight part of it, my body fat percent is now consistently under 30 (today it said 29.2%), and I’ve been able to almost daily exceed my previous rep numbers on pushups. During the last sculpt workout, I managed 99 total pushups, 20 of which were declines. That’s not 99 in a row, but 99 spread out over the course of the 38 minute workout in sets of 20 or more (the last set, I did 30 before I collapsed). I’m hoping today that I can hit 100. 57 days ago, I could barely do 15 of them over a shorter workout.

I tried on a shirt that I wore to my 20 year high school reunion last summer. It was a tent. Can’t wear it. Right now, I’m wearing a shirt that I bought several years ago when I weighed (I think) about my same weight as I weigh now. I could fit my three year old daughter in it with me, I think. It’s sad, in a way, as it’s one of my favorite shirts. The days of XL shirts are over, it seems.