In-App Problem Reporting Tool May Be Going Away (And Kickstarter News)

As I write this, there are 72 hours left in the TrackerBox Mac Kickstarter, and it’s just shy of $9500 in total funding. I am continually amazed and humbled at all of your help. Please keep helping spread the word, though. This is the last time you’ll be able to get TrackerBox for $75, and it’s also your only opportunity to get in on the beta for the Mac version.

Now, on to the meat of this post.

I learned today that FogBugz is getting rebranded as something called Manuscript. I also learned that the free tier I’ve been using to have the form in the app you can fill out when you have a problem will be going away. There’s no information about it on their new site, and the pricing doesn’t make sense for me. It’s not expensive, exactly, but as the only user of the system, it doesn’t bring me enough value at that price point.

So I’ll be trying a few other things to see how they work while I wait to get definitive word on whether the solution I already have is actually going away. At the moment, I’m hoping that it sticks around long enough that I can finish TrackerBox Mac before having to tackle the problem directly.

2 thoughts on “In-App Problem Reporting Tool May Be Going Away (And Kickstarter News)”

  1. Hey Mark, sorry for any confusion — I believe the free tier you’re on should still be working just fine, and you should have gotten an email from us explaining that nothing’s changing with your account except that in relaunching as Manuscript, you get some new features.

    Take a look and see if you’ve got an email from us, and if not, drop us a line at and we’ll get you squared away. I apologize for any unnecessary stress! (I’m the CEO of Fog Creek, which makes Manuscript and made FogBugz — you’ve got my email below now, too, if you need.)

  2. Hey Anil, glad to hear that it’s not going away, and I think it’s amazing that you showed up here and took the time and effort to comment. Thank you!

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