What’s up!

Wow, a month’s gone by already. I’ve been head down in work this past month, trying to catch a project up that I got behind on, and I have to say, that really sucks. Mostly caught up now, I think, but there’s still lots of work to do. Go buy 10000 copies of Derelict so I don’t have to do this kind of thing anymore.

On the fitness front, I hit 175 a couple of days ago. Things have started to slow down a bit, which is OK and annoying at the same time, but as of today, there’s only two weeks left of Power 90 Masters, and then it’s picture time. Following that is a week or two of light exercise, just to recover some mojo, and then full on into P90X. I can’t wait.

I’m slowly making progress on Infinite Suns, too. I’m hoping to have it out, by the end of the year, but that’s totally dependent upon the amount of time I get to work on it. I spent a few hours working up a new schedule (yes, a weekly schedule) for my projects in an effort to ensure that I give them all what they deserve, and going forward (after this last push on the money project) I should be able to get thirty to thirty-five hours a week on it, as long as I’m diligent about following the schedule. Yes, you’re right. It’ll probably last all of a week, but I have to try.

Yeah, nothing groundbreaking or newsworthy here, just an update so you know I’m still alive and working.