One Week Left

One week left until Day 90, and I can’t wait to get to it so I can start Power 90 Masters series and get rid of the next 30 pounds. As of this weekend, I hit 31 pounds lost, and I bought a new belt that will hopefully take me through the end of P90M.

In other news, Infinte Suns is seeing some progress again, though in a different form from the original MMO. It will be single player, and for the moment, will be essentially just a game where you fly your ship from station to station, trading or doing simple missions to gain money to buy new ships and weapons. Eventually, probably in IS2, it will have RPG elements like player stats and a skill tree, an optional storyline, more complicated missions, NPC’s that talk to you, etc… The goal, however, for the first iteration of Infinite Suns is just getting the basic game mechanics done and polished.