This page has the music I’ve written and/or recorded over the last few years. I seem to be recording one new song every year. Not exactly the stuff of a quick moving musical career. So they’re here for you to listen to for free.

Piece By Piece I wrote this and recorded it on a day I was basically too sick to work. I picked up my guitar and started goofing around, and then just kept going until, at the end of the day, it was pretty much done.

Out Of My Mind This is the second song I wrote for my planned vampire story album. I never did manage to get a guitar solo I liked for it, thus, it doesn’t have one. Maybe some day.

Confusion This was the first song I wrote and recorded without any help from anyone. It was also the first song in a planned vampire story album that I never finished.

Disease This is one of my favorite songs from the band I was in in the early to mid nineties. At the time, of course, someone else was singing it. This version of the song, I did the singing and some of the guitar playing and the recording. My best friend Ian (who was in that band with me and wrote much of the song) played the other guitar part. My brother played drums, and a friend of Ian (whose name I can’t remember) came in and played bass.