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3rd Different Electrical Inspector

Alright, so this third guy showed up today and passed the work that was done. The second guy, on Friday, showed up and didn’t do anything except say he couldn’t do anything. What a waste of time.

Hopefully, the electrician can get out here tomorrow or Thursday, and finish the rest of the work, and I can be building crap on Saturday!

Inspector Was Here

The electrical inspector came out and inspected the panel today. There are a couple things that need to be addressed before they can do the rest of the work. I really wish this work had been done already – like three months ago. Then I could be about my business instead of playing hurry up and wait.

Electrician Scheduled For Friday

So, the electrician is supposedly going to be here Friday to do the job. The job consists of upgrading the panel to a 200amp panel, and running nine new circuits in the garage for all my tools and lighting and other crap.

There will be dedicated circuits for the air cleaner, the lights, the dust collector and the air compressor. There will be a 110 and a 220 circuit on each side of the shop, and a 110 at the back.

I hope he actually shows up. My confidence in his reliability isn’t very high.

More Tools!

Finally, the drill press arrived, and I picked it up last Sunday. Then, thanks to a governmental policy that I don’t particularly agree with, we received our “rebate” check, and I spent that on an air compressor and a tabletop overarm pin router.

I ordered the pin router from on Teusday, and it arrived today (Wednesday). That’s some fast service, and perhaps a little luck that I live in the same state as one of their shipping centers. I’ll get some pics in the next day or two.

I also called a different electrician, and they’re going to come out Monday and give me an estimate on the work I need done. I gave up on the other guy. The sooner that work gets done, the sooner I can get to actual work on my guitars.